Be A Bodhisatva To The Race

E.B.O.N.I.C.Y. is fundamentally organized to spread the good news of Buddhism to the Black African diaspora in North America, and their descendents the Amafricans, according to the precepts of: the country, the person and the time. Our challenge is because I once disparaged this highest, of all sutras, I am now looked down upon and my words go unheeded. Because of slander of the Lotus Sutra other people will have no sympathy despite sincerely trying to be friendly with them, which we believe aptly fits the socio-political-economic situation of Amafricans in the age of Mappo.

For those who remember their pledge at the ceremony in the air, and whose motto, like ours, is: This is my constant thought: how I can cause all living beings to gain entry to the highest Way and quickly attain Buddhahood, we invite you to join with us to be a bodhisatva to the race. Please email us at