Thank-you, Bethany, for posting this vid. This posting is a delightful follow-up to our continuing conversation about the particle/wave aspects of photons. It was contemplation upon just such phenomenon that was the impetus for postulating, that as a result of sound (strings), the instantaneous manifestation of our life-force is a soliton fractal in a hyper-dimensional space-time media, analogous to the various substances used in the vids. Even light (hypothesizing that a photon is a chord of super-strings) would be a low order of sound produced fractal. Broad reference here to the "Tao of Physics", by Fritjof Capra and "The Fractal Geometry of Nature", by Benoit B. Mandelbrot.

The first sound vibration of importance in the vid posted is that of the voice-over actors. Note how the intonation of the British accents lend gravitas to the content, true or not, as opposed to say, if the voice-over had been done by Larry, the Cable-Guy.

That is the first hint that sound vibrations have consequences. Camaflagued by the same voices is that the reproducible validity of the content of the vids is not new information, just a new moniker, Cymatics, applied to wisdom known for thousands of years and used daily by billions, intentionally, or not.

R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, via the book, by John Anthony West, "Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt", stressed the importance of the use of sound by the ancient Egyptians. He writes that, the ancient Egyptians wrote of how the manipulation of sound vibrations could manifest as measurable material entities. Billions believe they can, and have, used this manipulation upon the Law of Cause and Effect, whether they know it, or not. The majority of them call it, prayer. Many know of the phenomena as the use of affirmations, the significance of names, personal, and of items, The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, etc.

On the other hand, thousands of others having insight into the phenomena, especially in Asia, steadfastly sought a means to add reliability to a cause that would produce an effect desired. The Hinayanas attempted to do various things. From that movement we get yogic practices, and other activities, active and passive, called mundras. The Mahayanas attempted to make noises of various types. From that movement came the mantras. Both experimental attempts were written in texts, called from ancient times, sutras.

The fat guy, known to most Westerners as, The Buddha, Shakyamuni Sidhartha, was actually a buddha, as he was but one of an infinite number of entities that has manifested an internal state of potential which exists in everyone called buddhahood. Anyway, Shakyamuni, was responsible for the expounding of many sutras. His final sutra is called the Lotus Sutra. Mistakenly, many have called the Lotus Sutra a book of religion. It is not. It is a book explaining, in parables, esoteric application of hyperdimension physics, using sound vibrations (the manipulation of heterotic strings) to form fractal geometric forms, that we call our three dimensional existence, for the purpose of reliably obtaining a desired effect, using a specific mantra, as the causal agent.

When all of the metaphor is stripped away, that which is left is the title of the sutra, which in Japanese sanskrit creates the phoneme of "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo". Translated thusly:

Nam - Devotion To, Becoming One With, The Practical Application of

Myo - Transcendent, Mystical, Hard To Comprehend

Ho - Law

Ren - White

Ge - Lotus blossom (metaphorically, simultaneous Cause and Effect)

Kyo - a vibrational enegy (heterotic string), sound

The rarely used mantra: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo translates into the explanation of the power that drives it:

The Practical Application of A Hard To Understand Law of Cause and Effect modified by Sound Vibrations

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