This is my constant thought:
how I can cause all living beings
to gain entry to the highest Way
and quickly attain Buddhahood

''''''A Request To Chant
One Excellent Dai-moku

Is the Buddha's Race Important?
Mai ji sa ze nen.
I ga ryo shujo.
Toku nyu mu-jo do.
Soku joju busshin.
Although, Buddhist scriptures clearly prophesy that "because I once disparaged this highest, of all sutras, I am now
looked down upon and my words go unheeded. Despite the fact that in the HIYU chapter of the Sutra it is written, "that [because one slandered the Lotus Sutra in the past] other people will have no sympathy for him even though he sincerely tries to be friendly with them., Amafricans, yet, remain in a quandary as to why after 400 years of subservience to, rebellion against, or emulation of, all other races, creeds and cultures which dominated them, their moderate, but justified, aspirations are perennially thwarted.

Clearly, history has demonstrated that in their quest for dignity and justice, the Amafricans have tried every technique, except the simple technique of Buddhism, with catastrophic consequences. Until the deluded African-Americans (the Amafricans) are reborn spiritually with Buddhist wisdom, as figuratively, Ethiopians, they, ceaselessly wander the lower four realms, prophesied in Buddhist scripture, of Hell, Hunger, Anger and Animality.

It is the primary goal of The Ethiopian Buddhist Ondinnonk-Nyabingi Institute, Church and Yeshiva to correct that error of omission.

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