Jawaria, this video is about the seismic records for a Japanese earthquake, which occurred near the end of World War II on December 7, 1944. Those records were made secret by the Japanese government.


The 7.9 earthquake was so strong the needles got stuck and even skipped, showing the force of the quake. However, what the records showed was the strikingly high pitch and sudden jolt at the start of the quake, not normal for naturally occurring quakes previously recorded.

In November 1944, the Shinto, Japanese government murdered the most important man in Japan, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and held in prison the second most important person, Josei Toda. It had long been foretold that if the Japanese government did not show Mr. Makiguchi the respect he deserved that significant devastation would befall Japan in the form of earthquakes and other phenomena.

Until today, I did not know about the Earthquake of December 1944, but it is harmonious with the prophecy. Further, the prophecy stated that if the Shinto continued to harm Mr. Toda and not repent for the death of Mr. Makiguchi, even greater disaster would occur, followed by the invasion of the nation. They didn't and, of course, they received the destruction of two atomic bombs, followed by the invasion of American forces.

The prophecy didn't stop there. Japan has been the repository for the most important relic on the planet, housed in a special-purpose built, architectural wonder of the world. Despite prophecy not to harm the building, nor to disturb its contents, a segment of Japanese society, in defiance of admonitions to refrain, given by the Japanese government through the entity of its dominant political Party, Komeito, tore down the building. It didn't surprise me that they received the brunt of massive bachi karma, in the form of earthquake, tsunami, and meltdown of Fukushima Dai-ichi.

Now, a successor to Komeito Party, NKP, is left to attempt to solve the issue of runaway radiation. That they as the dominant Party, with a set of principles proven repeatedly, dramatically over 800 years and immediately over sixty-eight years, indulge in policies, that they permit within Japan alien philosophies, that fly in the face of what they know has preserved Japan, can only mean more destruction and an invasion by China, eventually, if the current policies do not change.