Threefold Lotus Sutra
by Bunno Kato, Kato Bunno, Tamora Yashiro (Translator)
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Paperback (December 1989)
Charles E Tuttle Co; ISBN: 4333002087 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.06 x 8.94 x 5.94
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Customer Comments
Average Customer Review: from Eugene Oregon, USA , August 27, 1998
This Sutra is the pinnacle of all the Buddha's teachings!
The Three Fold Lotus Sutra reveals the ultimate truth of the Buddhas teachings in all its splendor and
wonderment. This is an award winning translation by Kosei publishing Co. In this marvelous
translation, in the most essential section the (16th chapter) the truth of the Buddha's Eternal life, is
revealed, which states that his life is Eternal from time without beginning. And within this Three Fold
Lotus Sutra it is further revealed that all living beings possess the ten realms hell to buddhahood, and
that all can attain Buddhahood through upholding this Law Flower Sutra. Explaining that all ten
realms contain one another so there exists a 100 realms in one mind. Each of these 100 realms,
furthermore, consists of “three factors”, that is to say, living beings, the environment in which we live,
and the five elements of living beings, (matter, perception, conception, volition, and consciousness).
It also possesses the ten aspects or ten factors ( form, nature, substance, function, action, cause,
condition, effect, reward, and the ultimate equality of these aspects). In "The Threefold Lotus Sutra"
we find in the preface great scholars validity of this sutra and their testimony of the declaration of
Shakamuni’s Eternal life. As this translations completely reflects its great majesty. The lotus Sutra is
the culmination of the Buddha’s teaching. Beginning with the three chapters of the Innumerable
meanings. Then there is the main discourse which consists of 28 chapters where the greatest
revelation ever preached is revealed, and then the wonderment of the final chapter of "The Sutra of
Meditation on the Bodhisattva Universal Virtue." In the first Chapter the Introductory, is where the
Buddha finishes the sutra of innumerable meanings, and then emits a ray of light from the white curls
between his eyebrows, and in that instant eighteen thousand worlds in the east become visible. And
than Maitreya Bodhisattva asks Munjusri why does the Buddha display such a wonder as this. “At
that time Mujusri spoke to Maitreya Bodhisattva-Mahasattva and all the other leaders: “All ye good
sons! According to my consideration, the Buddha, the World-honored One, is now intending to
preach the Great Law, to pour the rain of the great Law, to blow the conch of the great Law, to
beat the drum of the great Law, and to expound the meaning of the great Law.” In chapter. # 1 the
Buddha is displaying this ray of light or this auspice because he is going to preach this Law Flower
Sutra. This chapter is also an introductory to the entire sutra, the order of it, the orgin or scene of the
revelation, and the statement of the doctrine of the sutra. In the beginning it states the Buddha is
staying at the city of Royal Palaces on Mount Grdhrakuta with a great assemblage of great bhikshus,
in all twelve thousand: all of them arhats, faultless, free from earthly care, self-developed,
emancipated from all bonds of existence, and free in mind and so on. And then the Buddha
Introduces them all by Name. In chapter 2 Tactfulness the Buddha is preaching the Law to
Sariputra and others. He tells them that the teaching of the three vehicles was an expedient to lead
people to the One Great Vehicle. Further in chapter 2 Tactfulness the Buddha says ,” I and other
Buddhas in the universe Alone can understand these things. This Law is inexpressible, It is beyond
the realm of terms; Among all the other living beings None can apprehend it Except the bodhisattvas
Who are firm in the power of faith. Hence chapter 15: “Springing up out of the Earth” [“Ajita!
Know thou! All these Bodhisattvas, From numberless kalpas, Have studied the Buddha-wisdom.
All of them are my converts, Whom I have caused to desire the Great Way. These are my sons
Who dwell in this [Buddha-] world, Ever practicing the dhuta deeds, Joyfully devoted to quiet
places, Shunning the clamor of the crowds, With no pleasure in much talk. Such sons as these Are
learning the Law of my Way, Always zealous day and night For the sake of seeking the
Buddha-way; They dwell in space Beneath the saha-world. Firm in their power of will and memory,
Ever diligently seeking after wisdom, They preach all kinds of wonderful laws, Having no fear in
their minds. I, [near] the city of Gaya, Sitting beneath the Bodhi tree, Accomplished Perfect
Enlightment; And rolling the supreme Law-wheel, I have then taught and converted them And
caused them first to aspire to the Way. Now all abide in the never-relapsing [state] And all will
become buddhas. What I now speak is the truth; Believe me with single minds! I from a long distant
past Have instructed all this host.” ] (Threefold Lotus Sutra pg. 244 & 245. This poetic pageantry of
the life of the eternal Buddha's life is an enlightening revelation of the culmination of Shakyamuni's
teachings, and is the portal to Buddhahood for all living beings. I highly recommend this Sutra to all
spiritualist and scholars everywhere as it has been said that this Sutra is the pinnacle of all Buddhist
teaching throughout space and time. Gassho, Steven (lotuseek) from Seattle, WA , July 17, 1998
A personal guided tour where other translations are roadmaps
The jewel of the lotus, the core secrets of true Buddhism, is hidden within innumerable petals, but is
not invisible. Yet, it shouldn't be further obscured by poor translation. The Bunno Kato translation of
the THREEFOLD LOTUS SUTRA is a laser through fog which illuminates the jewel to those who
look for it, read this book and understand with wisdom. Those who come to this book seeking the
"what" of Buddhism, will find the "why" and "how" of all existence! They will find the "how to" of
creating ethical values in their lives. They will discover the utility of practice, study, faith, behind the
sutra's Japaneese language title, NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO. The clarity of the Bunno Kato
translation is a manifestation of Buddha Wisdom and Bodhisatva mercy (if unfamiliar with those
technical concepts, read the book). In this translation, the profound eloquence of the prose sections
educate and inspire; the musical lyrics of the poetry s! ections sing. While, there are noble attempts
by others to translate this sutra, they are a tourist's roadmap to this translation's personal guided
tour. Delight yourself, borrow the other translations, from your local library. Invest in this book.

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