A Theoretical Explanation of Why Making a Noise over here manifests as an event over there!

During the past thirty years, tremendous progress has been made in physics and mathematics to break down the building blocks of existence into smaller component parts. Now we are at a point where no further dismantling can occur because the smallest entity essentially doesn't exist to have smaller parts! and yet it exists!! It is known as the superstring. An entity which is simultaneously a discrete quantum particle and a wave of energy. It is called a superstring because like a musical string it vibrates. As it vibrates at various frequencies, as various chords and songs, we on the macroscopic level percieve the "reality" of different objects and events. This is a partial reason why Buddhism describes "reality" as an illusion and the ultimate nature of all existence as "emptiness".
"Reality" because it is a manifestation of vibratory energy is influenced by the dominant "vibe". If one takes a tuning fork in motion and places it against a guitar string at rest, the guitar string will vibrate in harmony. So to, if "reality" at rest comes into contact with a moving superstring, reality will vibrate in harmony with and manifest to our senses the reality consistent with that vibratory pattern.
Now here is an interesting spinoff. If it were possible to know how to create a vibratory pattern which defined a situation in "reality" that we wanted to see manifest, we could have control over our futures! That very theoretical question is what intrigued great minds before they achieved Buddhahood. After their enlightenment, they concluded that kyo was the means and the specific sound vibrations in the mantra "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" was the vehicle or tool to use.
This is why dai-moku is extremely easy and extremely difficult to use. One, it seems too easy to have any rational effect. Two, since the first statement is false, there do exist powerful forces at hand to disuade one from using it.
When one thinks a thought, any thought, that thought exists in our brains as a molecule which ultimately is a vibrating pattern of superstrings. When we speak a thought aloud we give even more power to the superstring pattern. Hence, the concept of speaking future events into manifestation. We attempt to create a vibrational wavefront now and here that will influence the superstring pattern of our universe in order that the universe will be in harmony and there and then that which we desire will be an accomplished fact.